Saint-Denis Jacket #3

Saint-Denis Jacket #3


The Saint-Denis Jacket is inspired by the iconic French Worker Jacket, the “Bleu de Travail”, this traditional outfit was the starting point for the Saint-Denis Collection.

  • This unisex Jacket is perfect for a casual yet stylish look

  • The colored pockets made in recycled fabrics add a edgy twist to the original jacket

  • 100% made in France (from materials and fabric to conception)

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French Worker Jacket / Veste de travail d’inspiration Bleu de Travail

Two grey patch pockets in recycled fabric (limonta) / Deux poches plaquées grises en tissu recyclé

One red patch pocket in recycled fabric (limonta) / Une poche plaquée rouge en tissu recyclé

Six Snaps closure / Six pressions

100% Cotton / 100% Coton