Saint-Denis T-Shirt #2

Saint-Denis T-Shirt #2


This unisex t-shirt is made in France, 100% organic cotton and provides you with confort and durability.

Ajouter Au Panier
  • The picture represents the neon lights in the Saint-Denis factory, and was taken by Kira during the creative process for the Saint-Denis Collection

  • The caption “Il n’y a plus de grandes usines en France” (The are no longer large factories in France) is from Kira’s interview, which is the first step on the creative initiation

  • Unisex T-shirt

  • Jersey 160gr/m²

  • 100% Organic Cotton


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100% organic Jersey cotton 160gr
Double stitched collar
Water based ink
Made in France


Image 1 Image 1 Image 1 Image 1 Image 1
Photo taken by Kira
Moodboard picture
"There are no big factories in France anymore"
During the creative process (Neon light)
Kira's vision of Mode Estime
Kira's quote during her interview