ABOUT A WORKER VENEZIA - Invitation to the launch event


About a Worker presents its newest collection: ABOUT A WORKER VENEZIA, designed by Anna, Cin, Mihaela and Maya; women from the Giudecca Prison, Venice.

On March 7th 2019, About a Worker invites you to explore the creative process behind the collection through a video installation and an immersive exhibition, to discover the prison and surveillance world.

The new collection will be presented with a fashion show inspired from the Commedia dell'arte and interpreted by lyrical artists, singing the words of the prisoners.

// INFOS //
March 7th MARS 6pm - 10pm
EP7 133 Avenue de France 75013 Paris


For this collection, About a Worker collaborated with the inmates of the sewing workshop from the Giudecca prison in Venice.

Anna, Cin, Maya and Michaela are coming from different parts of the world, all with different craft knowledges, all trying to find a way to escape from their current time in prison and free their mind by producing clothes.

Unlike our first collection in Saint-Denis, the inspiration for the collection is focused on prisoners truthful identity, away from the cliches related to prison life. This experience was a way to express their inner-self and values through design and to regain a positive image of themselves.

The initiation started with the creation of a mask representing them: a powerful communicative tool and a reminder of the Venice carnival universe.