About a Worker at Les Beaux Arts de Paris


About a Worker presents the Saint-Denis collection at Les Beaux Arts de Paris during the "Fais ce qu'il te plait" exhibition, from May 12th to May 20th.

Discover the stories, the designers and the creative process that inspired this first collection !

About a Worker will create an immersive experience, allowing the visitors to sit at the designer's workstation inside a reconstitution of a textile factory. You are also invited to participate to some workshops, conducted by the designers of the Saint-Denis collection. They will help you transform one of your old clothes or accessories, based on your creative universe though embroidery or flocking techniques. Some About a Worker accessories will also be available for the workshops, so that everyone can join the experience.

Fais ce qu'il te plait
12 - 20 May 2018 at Les Beaux-Arts de Paris
Free entrance
14 Rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris