Meet Trevise our model turned photographer!


Trevise has been working with us since our very first photoshoot! Found through the World Wide Web and Instagram, we fell in love with his joyful and dedicated attitude. 21 years old today, Trevise knows how to pose like a pro but is also a big fashion multitasker: an energetic quality we run for at ABOUT A WORKER! Trevise is our muse and is now fully integrated inside of our creative factory ! Always coming to our shoot with a reflex camera, we recently asked Trevise to turn into our photographer and take pictures of his models (oh yeah he also runs his own agency!).

KIM HOU (ABOUT A WORKER creative director) : Hey Trevise could you tell us about your fashion experiences?

TREVISE TSHIYAMU: My name is Trevise I’m 21 years old and currently a business student specialised in web development. I am learning how to connect viewers and brands in the most convenient way! Outside of my school life, I work in many fields in fashion. My fashion career started with modeling when i was 18… By pure hazard! One of my friend took pictures of me on the street , I added them on my social media for fun... and just like that I got called by some designers to take part in fashion shows! Agencies began contacting me and now here I am… a foot inside the fashion world! Modeling is something I profoundly enjoy doing. It’s exciting to see how you can transform your persona, photoshoot after photoshoot and feel valued! I wish I could do that my whole life, but I know how hard the competition is which is the reason why I am experimenting with the different bubbles of the industry.

K.H : So what do you do appart from being a model?

T.T: With one of my friends, we decided to open an influencer agency. We recruit people with atypical personalities that we can fall in love with: who are creative and expressive in their daily lives. We also recruit instagram influencers who don’t know how to evolve in their social media career. Through the agency, my friend and I give them the opportunity to showcase their own world, through photoshoots and collaborations with brands they can naturally allie with. Through this project, I also became a photographer in order for my models to have portfolios! I bought a reflex camera and started taking photography classes to be as professional as possible.

K.H : What are your best fashion experiences so far?

T.T: I was invited to Deauville for a week-end by the sweatshirt brand JOSÉ (They work with bolivian workers to produce their collection). The brand offered me to stay in their big vacation house so we could shoot while having a relaxing time! ABOUT A WORKER though is still one of my most precious experiences, through shooting with you guys at multiple times, I was able to appear in les inrocks, grazia, à nous paris, hypebeast! I was able to involve so many of my model friends through the project.It’s a dream come true and a huge model accomplishment! I also love the concept and spirit of the brand! It feels like home to be working with ABOUT A WORKER. Recently I was also involved in an Nigerian fashion week event happening in Paris and Ateliers Chardons Savard Fashion show ! Big moments full of sparks ! ⚡️

K.H : What’s an ABOUT A WORKER ambassador since your are one of them?

T.T: To be part of ABOUT A WORKER workers union, you need to care about the values behind your clothes. Who made them, with which materials, under what conditions… being an ABOUT A WORKER ambassador means being driven to go bigger than H&M while caring about social and environmental facts. You need to be expressive , transparent and friendly as the clothes are! Most of all, you need to elevate workers as much as you do with models!

K.H : Your favorite ABOUT A WORKER Item?

T.T: The Bleu de travail #3 with the upcycled red and gray pockets