What if we could discover and appreciate the work of the men and women behind the scenes who make our clothes? What if these workers could tell us about their lives and their vision of the fashion industry?

About a Worker paves the way for a new fashion system by giving garment workers the chance to reveal their own vision of the fashion industry through design. About A Worker presents collections designed by factory workers; meaningful fashion expressing their own stories.

The brand therefore casts some light on the invisible creators and unheard stories of the fashion world, while promoting responsible craftmaking of local laboratories and factories.

About a Worker ’s fashion collections do not follow seasons but the countries where the production takes place. It has the ambition to travel where fashion has deep social, economic and environmental impacts. By collaborating with workers from different parts of the globe, About a Worker is also eager to take-part in a knowledge-sharing, learning from the experience of people they meet. 



About A Worker gives factory workers the chance to design and produce their own collection from A to Z through a self-expression initiation and over a creative collaboration. 

This initiation to design is based on the classical process of creating a collection, from the moodboard to the end product. However, the workers are asked to draw inspiration from their reality as a textile worker and from their opinion regarding the fashion industry.



1. About a Worker is a fashion brand giving garment workers from around the world the opportunity to become designers through a fashion self-expression initiation coached by visual creative thinkers

2. About a Worker wants to expose the truth behind our fashion system by giving factory workers the chance to reveal their personal creative perspectives on the current state of the fashion industry through their own designs

3. About a Worker is conceived to be experimentally expressionist, transparent, educational and beneficial to factory workers and the fashion elite

4. About a Worker's goal is to inspire fashion enthusiasts and entrepreneurs to create and believe in new sustainable production systems

5 About a Worker believes creativity has the power to communicate and rectify contemporary issues through its visual interaction with its observer